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GRITTY-- brave, plucky, mettlesome, stouthearted, spirited, tough, determined, resolute, dogged

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Mark Bio Page

Mark Brownlee--Gritty Scotsman

Growing up half way around the world in the city of Dundee, Scotland.  I had the opportunity to hunt the endangered and elusive Highland Haggis. An unfamiliar creature  to even the most seasoned American hunter. This two legged animal who is wee in stature. Covered in ginger curly hair and ferocious when cornered,much like most Scottish people. Has been hunted by Haggis Bashers in my clan for a thousand years. Traditionally this is done by tossing a wooden caber (debarked tree trunk) end over end until you bash your prey.  Which does two fold, hammers the wee bugger and tenderizes the meat at the same time. I am currently working on developing an Elk caber, updates to follow. Like all young Scottish boys I’ve dreamt of becoming an American Redneck Hunter! it was playing for Scotland in the World Cup. Alright back to reality-- few people know that I was a mail order husband at the tender age of 23 yrs old. This is how I entered this blessed United States of America.  Legally by the way and I have the green card to prove it. Our lawyers have it on file if proof is needed.  My first hunting experience was 20+ years later and 50+ pounds heavier.  When in 2012 I followed Brian, Ben, Anthony, and Steve around Sled Springs , Oregon with a video camera. After two days of hiking which felt like 55 miles a day ,we hadn’t seen or heard anything. I began to think that “elk” were kept as pets by Shrek and his other imaginary fairy tale creatures in the woods. The only way I was going to see one was if I had been drinking Scotch for breakfast. Then it happened! Something answered Brian's bugle. Still a sceptic I asked was that Anthony? No! Mark that was a bull elk! The next thing I know we were sprinting through some woods in Oregon. Brian suddenly stops and rips off another bugle. Then the heavens were  opened upon us! A high pitched scream to my right then another somewhere in front of me and again on our left two more screams. It’s at this moment that everything begins to happen in slow motion for me. Brian says something to me but I can’t hear him over my beating heart and bull elks screaming all around us. Brian then motions for me to stay and takes off running like a toddler in a toy store. Then I realize the only weapon we had,with it’s razor sharp arrows, has left the vicinity. I look at my hands and realize I have a camera to document my first trip to the woods and apparently to film my death! To say my senses were in a heightened state is not enough. At that moment, I knew how cavemen felt, when they were surrounded by big screaming  Bloody Dinosaurs. We had found a 100+ cows and at least a half a dozen mature bulls trying to divide them up. So that experience is the beginning of my journey to becoming a HUNTER. I hope you follow it and enjoy it and have a few laughs along the way. The Gritty Scotsman:-)