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GRITTY-- brave, plucky, mettlesome, stouthearted, spirited, tough, determined, resolute, dogged

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Bryce Lofts

I grew up in Huntsville, Utah hunting deer and elk in the mountains above my house.  It still blows my mind my buddies and I would go off hunting at just 12 years old.  I shot my first elk when I was 15 years old.  I’ve rifle hunted off and on over the years. But my motivation to start hunting seriously again, increased when I started Crossfit (in my backyard) in 2010.  I began eating grass-fed beef and Brian had wild game meat.  The beef didn’t even compare to the wild game.  I wanted meat in the freezer! Brian has been trying to get me back into the game for years, but family and finances prevented me from following my passion.  Brian introduced us to “The Total Money Makeover” and Dave Ramsey after Anthony introduced it to him.  Now that we have some “Financial Peace” I have resumed hunting again, but this time I’ve decided to do archery.  Last September Brian and I spent 18 hours in a ground blind with Elk Bugling all around us and countless hours filming and hunting in the tree stand as well.  

If a person could be considered camouflage that is how Brian might describe me. I am usually the guy behind the camera, fixing the audio mic, or workout out some other puzzle that needs to be solved. But when it comes to getting the job done I’m an integral part. 

I’ve got my new bow set up thanks to Cory at xXx Archery and I’m all set to go. I even gave the guys a little run for their money recently at the NW Mountain Challenge in Tamarack, ID and Hoodoo, OR. Which was an amazing family event! My daughter loved the Night Shoot.  If you get the chance you should definitely do it. 

It’s been awesome to get back out there and hunt again especially with such great family and friends. 

Stay Gritty,