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GRITTY-- brave, plucky, mettlesome, stouthearted, spirited, tough, determined, resolute, dogged

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Brian Bio Page

Brian Call

I grew up on a rural countryside property in the woodland forests of Oregon’s Willamette Valley adjacent to large patches of untouched timberland. I spent my childhood roaming the woods with my cousin and next-door neighbor, Ben Morris; catching crawdads, fishing, shooting bows, and riding horses.

My father was an avid archery hunter, and he bought me my first hunting bow when I was 12 years old—the legal age to hunt in Oregon. Soon after, Ben and I went on our first elk-hunting trip and have been devoted elk hunting fanatics ever since.

Ben and I have a natural synergism that stems from a lifetime of hunting together; but our initial elk-hunting success was limited—an ingredient was missing. In 2006, we began hunting with our childhood friend, Anthony Spencer, and amidst new-found success, a brotherhood formed between us. was formed as a vehicle to share our love of hunting and of wild places—to help unite hunters and non-hunters alike so that we might preserve the animals we love and a way of life that we cherish.

I live in Oregon with my wife of 18 years, Suzanne Call, whom I adore, and our three young daughters, Kaitlyn, Abigail, and Hannah.