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GRITTY-- brave, plucky, mettlesome, stouthearted, spirited, tough, determined, resolute, dogged

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Anthony Elk Bio Page

Anthony Spencer

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I had the good fortune of having some of the world’s best blacktail hunting a short walk out my back door.  I spent a majority of my childhood roaming those woods pretending to bowhunt deer and coyotes.  I developed a strong passion for those small crafty deer that has lasted a lifetime.  I started shooting a bow at age 5 and was rarely without my fiberglass recurve or the shortlasting stickbows I fashioned from any likely looking branch.  At age 12 my dad took me to eastern Oregon for an archery elk hunt and I was instantly hooked.  For the next 20+ years I bowhunted elk and blacktails religiously with a few side trips for mule deer, whitetails, bears and antelope. 

In 2006, I started hunting with lifelong friends, Ben Morris and Brian Call.  Instantly our success rateskyrocketed. While I was teaching them about bowhunting for elk and deer, they were teaching me the value of teamwork and sacrificing for your partners.  A brotherhood was born.  Since then we have hunted the backcounty all over Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.  I have never had such unselfish and hardworking hunting partners.  Gritty in every sense of the word.

In 2010 a new job opportunity brought our family to western Idaho.  While it saddens me deeply to miss archery hunting the blacktail rut every year, I have developed a new passion chasing high country and desert mule deer.  Since moving to Idaho, I have experienced the most cherished hunts of my life as I have watched my wife and two of my daughters take three nice muley bucks and three elk.  My passion for hunting is ever changing and is a constant reminder of the beauty our Father in Heaven has created for us so that we may have joy.